Diamond Meanings

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refers to a diamond cut in a particular form to that of a cone, providing maximized light to return through the top of the diamond.

Bow Tie

also known as the butterfly effect, it’s the view of a dark shadow that tends to appear in fancy shaped diamonds and is easy to see without the assistance of any tool.


A Bruise can occur from an impact or concussion mark on the surface of the diamond. Furthermore, it could create small lines within the piece. If this does happen, this can affect the clarity grade.


is defined as a shallow abrasion on the diamond created during the time of the cutting process.


A diamond’s clarity is rated on grading scales meant to measure how many imperfections are present in a diamond from. Ranges go from – (FL) Flawless–Severely (I3).


refers to breakage in a diamond along certain definite directions, producing (more or less) smooth surfaces.


The cloud of diamond refers to an area of tiny inclusions within the diamond. These points can be either small or large, thick or meager. Depending on the diamond’s size and concentration, the clouds are capable of spreading light and diminishing the quality of light that is returned to the eye.

Fancy Shape

known as any diamond shape other than round.


this term refers to a small break in a diamond caused by pressure when the diamond was growing underground.


is defined as every aspect of a diamond’s appearance that is not a result of the diamond’s inherent nature when it comes out of the ground.


in diamond terms, it is a reflected colored light that radiates from the inside out. See dispersion.


is an illuminating blueish color that glows from the diamond’s surface when placed under a UV light.


a popular term that defines the outer edge of the diamond where the crown meets the pavilion.

Heart Shape

these type of diamonds are modified cuts used as a unique and unmistakable symbol of love. Symmetry is very important concerning heart shaped diamonds.


refers to the amount of reflected light that radiates from a diamond’s surface and combines both fire and brilliance.


refers to an internal mistake in any diamond piece.

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