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Keeping Your Diamond Clean

A crucial aspect of “diamond care” is being able to keep your piece clean and polished at all times. Owning a diamond is a responsibility that entails care and consistency. Doing so will ensure that it shines as bright as the first day that you bought it. It’s crucial to avoid chemical cleaners or other mixed products used for daily house cleaning. Harsh chemicals can potentially dull the shine and finish of your diamond leaving it without the sparkle it’s meant to have. Instead, all you have to do is use warm water, dish soap, and a gentle bristle toothbrush. Once you gather these supplies, submerge your ring in the mix of the warm water and soap you’ve prepared. Then, very slowly and gently scrub the ring with your toothbrush. Once cleaned in its entirety, make sure to rinse it off with warm water again and then dry it thoroughly with a clean towel.

Don’t Forget to Insure Your Diamond

We all often roll our eyes at the thought of buying insurance. We may think that is expensive and lead to trouble down the road. However, for the sake of this conversation, we are here to tell you that having your diamond insured is the best decision you can make as a diamond owner. In our fast-paced society, anything that can happen and negatively affect your precious gem. You can misplace your jewel, damage it, or even have it stolen. So, let us provide you with two options for purchasing insurance:

– Purchase a rider alongside your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance.
– Buy a policy from an organization that specializes in jewelry.


Giving your diamond a proper set of storage will reduce the likelihood of a misplaced or stolen jewelry piece. For example, never under any circumstances take off your diamond in public. If you feel like you will be very hands-on throughout the day, it is best to leave your diamond at home. Furthermore, try to have a designated space for your diamond at home. Perhaps, an enclosed shelf or a case that can protect it from dust and other hazards. If your piece is of extreme value, you should even consider placing it in a coded safe. Lastly, you should know that your diamond should not be close to other gems or jewelry pieces because your diamond’s hardness can damage and scratch them.

Common Sense Goes Hand-in-Hand With Caution

We cannot stress enough the importance of not putting your diamond through unnecessary corrosion. Your purchased diamond will indeed be of the utmost quality and durability, but you must still exercise extreme caution to avoid causing an unfortunate chip in the piece. For that reason, remove your diamond if you will participate in any physical activity that could pose a risk to its safety. Common sense is paramount when taking care of your diamond piece.

Admire From Afar

Your diamond will be a beautiful addition to your aesthetic. Its charm will lure you into touching it at all times. However, keep in mind that all diamonds attract dust, oil, and even dirt. As a result, your fingers will act as a transporter of all that filth onto your diamond. So, it is imperative that you do not touch your diamond, especially the center of the piece. That is where the majority of the filth will tend to concentrate if you do so. To properly manipulate your diamond, you can use some prongs or a clean cloth.

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