Chase Your Jeweler
Chase Kuehner


Hi, I’m Chase 👋  

I’m a mechanical engineer by education & an Artist by passion. I spent 10 years leading teams in world class manufacturing environments & before long, I began applying my technical side to a brilliant art form – diamond jewelry. For me, being a jewelry designer is much more than a profession. Designing allows me to connect to the heart of each customer by embedding meaningful stories within each piece, creating custom designs with eternal sparkle & in most cases – facilitating the union of marriage!  My prior professional experience gave me meticulous focus & process controls, setting my customer experience & overall value second to none.  My designs are all natural & forevermade.

I began designing engagement rings in 2017. My business originated from my personal experience purchasing an engagement ring for my wife. After that experience, it became my mission to educate and empower diamond buyers. I aim to reduce the stress and overwhelm that I had experienced first hand, and use the network I built to serve others. By doing so, clients receive comprehensive diamond education & become empowered throughout our journey end to end: ideation, design, and creation.

I take pride in being a purely online business.  As a result, my costs are extremely low, enabling unbeatable pricing for my clients. Our diamonds are hand-selected and purchased based on desirability. Desirability means the diamond has proper dimensions for the shape & weight, the nature of the inclusions are pleasing & favorable, and the diamond just SPARKLES!

Your complete satisfaction is my mission & I strive for a personal relationship with each client to enable a true understanding of the vision. This is critical to co-creating something special & one of a kind. Our journey will not be transactional. Instead, we have discussions to understand the heart of your vision & after final 3D render approval – we bring it to life!

Why Us

One Stop for your jewelry fantasy to become reality

There’s nothing like hopping from store to store and leaving disappointed because no ring makes the cut. There’s a detail that’s missing or perhaps designs just do not match your complete vision. Let us help, make your vision, our mission.

From-scratch designs that match your vision

When going to retail stores, diamond buyers have no choice but to conform to whatever is available. At, we have a different model all-together. We will provide expertise and guidance while empowering your unique vision. There is no limit to what you can achieve!

Jewelry that contains a piece of yourself

Sometimes you just can’t connect to your jewelry if it wasn’t actually made FOR YOU. It may be the most intricate design, but guess what? It was made to be sold for whoever walked in the store. When working with us, rest assured that the design will be created with your style and intentions in mind.

Have Any Questions?

Do you have questions or concerns? There are absolutely no commitments when getting in contact with us. We are here to empower you throughout your diamond-buying journey!